Hello Everyone!

My name is Hasan Ali and I have about 10 years of teaching experience and in 2009 I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley. I have been privately tutoring in Los Angeles for the past 4 years, but now I mainly tutor online, which has proved to be incredibly effective in teaching!

A previous family has told me that their daughter is “strangely focused” during the sessions–plus she is diagnosed ADD. But after I analyzed our session I realized it was not that strange. Since our sessions are online, her daughter has to go to a quiet room and plug in her headphones and really LISTEN to me. That’s like 90% of the battle done! Haha, just getting kids to really listen is a boon. I’ve seen incredible results and just this past school year my students’ scores were:

   AP Biology Scores: 5,4,4,3
   AP Chemistry Scores: 5,4
Chemistry SAT Subject test: 780, 800
Initially I was skeptical of online tutoring as well, but there are ridiculous upsides for the parents, students, and tutors.
If anyone has any questions related to anything academia at all, I’ll be here to help out! I’ll continually post my thoughts and experiences on education and would love interaction with whoever reads this. Tutelage is all about listening and learning and I would love to learn from you guys as well!
Additionally, feel free to message me regarding tutoring. My specialties are: biology, chemistry, physics, algebra I and II, geometry, and calculus (of course I can do Honors/AP). Furthermore! I have a wonderful amazing partner in crime that handles all the social sciences and does English as well. She’s amazing at college essays, she’s fun, and she is also a Columbia graduate. 🙂
Thank you!

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