Air Tutors and the Northern Lights

  Some people know it as the aurora borealis but they form because electrons congregate towards the northern most portion of the earth. 
Why? Because the earth spins and pushes the electrons out. Think about putting your finger in a bucket of water and some sand particles  and swirling it. The sand will go towards the outer portion of the bucket, right? Of course the sand doesn’t come towards your finger.. 

So there are a bunch of electrons up there and the sun hits them, transfers energy, and now the electrons are excited. They get excited and jump energy levels, but they don’t stay excited forever. What goes up must come down! So when they come down to lower energy levels they release energy in the form of light! 

Which is what we see and call the “Northern Lights!”

If you didn’t know.. Now you do šŸ™‚ 


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